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Soal dan Pembahasan Ujian Madrasah Bahasa Inggris

soal ujian madrasah bahasa inggris

GALIFO----Hai adik adik yang baik, Semoga kabar kalian semua tetap sehat dan diberikan kemudahan dalam belajar, sehingga kalian semua dapat mengkuti dan menjawab soal-soal USBN/UMBN serta Ujian Nasional.

Nah pada kesempatan kali ini kakak ingin membagikan beberapa contoh soal yang mungkin adik adik butuhkan,soal kali ini adalah soal ujian sekolah untuk jenjang SMP/MTs yang telah mimin susun sedemikan rupa. Semoga dengan soal ini bisa membantu adik adik.

Semangat dan Selamat belajar


gambar hotel


Close to the central business district
Jl. Cihampelas No.180, Cipaganti 
West Java 
• Free Wifi
• Fitness equipment
• Fully air conditioned
• Spacious and free car park
• Laundry service
• Convention hall
• Restaurant  that serve a variety of international cuisine
• Shopping centres within in a walk distance

 1. Guests will possibly choose SENSHA Hotel, except ...

A.  It offers good facilities

B.  It’s near commercial district

C.  We can hold a party or meeting

D.  It’s easy to find many kinds of handycrafts

2.  Fitness equipments are provided for the guests...

A. to enjoy live music

B. to spend relaxation 

C. to watch film

D. to meet friends

3.  Restaurant that serve a variety of international cuisine. The italic word has similar meaning to...

A.  Food

B.  Cloth

C.  Drink

D.   Beverage

4.  Restaurant provide spacious and free car park. The underlined word means...

  A.  Big

  B.  Wide

  C.  fantastic

  D.  luxurious

Text for number 5-8

teluk kiluan lampung

    Kiluan Bay in Lampung is one of the tourist attractions located in Kiluan Negeri, Kelumbayan, Tanggamus Regency, Lampung. Kiluan Bay Tourism Object is a marine tourism object, and is famous for the many dolphins around Kiluan Bay. Kiluan Bay is also famous for its natural beauty and paradise for reliable anglers. Because every year there is a fishing competition which is followed by reliable anglers all over Indonesia.

    The location is 73 km from Lampung Airport and can be reached in 3 hours by car. One of the features of Kiluan Bay is the attraction of dolphins on the high seas. In Kiluan Bay, you can see a collection of dolphins in their hundreds. Kiluan Bay as a migration pathway from two types of dolphins, namely bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops Truncatus) with a larger body, gray in color. The second is the Long-term dolphin (Stenella Longirostris) which is smaller in stature. The number of the two dolphins is very much because it passes through Kiluan Bay is estimated to reach hundreds or even thousands of dolphins. Both types of dolphins are quite familiar with humans. Dolphins love to approach a boat or a boat that is crossing the sea. Dolphins should be seen at

5.  Where is Kiluan Bay?

A. Negeri Bay

B. Tanggamus Regency

C. Bandar Lampung

D. South Lampung

6.  Why is Kiluan Bay Tourism Object well known by tourits? Because...

A.  Many dolphins

B.  Paradise for reliable anglers

C.  The attraction of dolphins

D.  It’s a migration pathway from two types of dolphins

7.  How many kinds of dolpin around Kiluan Bay?

A. Two

B. Three

C. Hundreds

D. Thousands

8.  When the visitors will see the dolpins?

A. in the morning

B. in the afternoon

C. in the evening

D. at he mid night

9.  Arrange the following words into a good sentences.

The meeting– is– smart– where - competition– 

          1            2        3         4                 5                  

take– of - place–2020 - ?

  6         7      8      9

A.  4-1-2-6-7-8-9-3-5

B.  4-2-3-5-6-7-8-1-9

C.  4-3-5-2-1-6-8-7-9

D.  4-2-1-7-3-5-9-6-8

Text for number 10 -12




Mon 27 Jan, 2.30 pm

David Hubbard

Sold out

Wed 29 Jan, 7.30 pm

Britten Saint Nicolas

$ 50 General Admission

Sun 2 Feb,11.30 am

Nicky Spence Haworth

$ 65 General Admission

Tue11 Feb,7 pm

Roderick Williams

$ 80 General Admission

Sun 1 March,7.30 pm

Sheku Mason - Guy Wilson

Sold out

Fri 13 March, 8 pm

Horacio Lavandera

Sold out

Sat 14 March, 7.30 am

Hanover  Band

$ 75 General Admission

A.  One10.  How many performer are tickets out of stock?

B.  Two

C.  Three

D.  Four

11.  How much does it cost if you want to see Roderick Williams …

A.  $ 50

B.  $ 65

C.  $ 75

D.  $ 80  

12.  Who will perform on Sunday the first of March?

A.  Roderick Williams

B.  Nicky Spence

C.  Horacio Lavandera

D.   Sheku Mason-Guy Wilson

Text for No. 13 – 15

  Once upon a time, there was aa milkman who always crossed a river daily to reach the city where his customers lived. He mixed the water of the river generously with the milk that he sold for a good profit.

A milkman became very wealthy through dishonest means. 

        One day he went around collecting the dues in order to celebrate the wedding of his son. With the large amount thus collected he purchased plenty of rich clothes and glittering gold ornaments. But while crossing the river the boat capsized and all his costly purchases were swallowed by the river. The milk vendor was speechless with grief. At that time he heard a voice that came from the river, “Do not weep. What you have lost is only the illicit gains you earned through cheating your customers.

13.  What does the text tell us about? 

A. a milkman who always crossed a river

B. an honest milkman

C. a dishonest milkman

D. a wealthy milkman

14.  In what way was the milkman dishonest?

A.  He poisened all his customer

B.  He sold  a blend of milk and water

C.  He stole the properties of customer

D.  He crossed the river by an illegal route

15.  ...he sold for a good profit. The underlined means...

A.  financial

B.  advantage

C.  disadvantage

D.  investment

16.  “At that time he heard a voice... “ (last paragraph)

The word ‘he’ refers to …

A. the boy

B. the son

C. the customer

D. the milk vendor

17.  From the text we can learn that … 

A. It is easy to be a richman

B. Hard work will be success

C. You reap what you sow

D. Honest dealings are not everything

18.  Erlan : Were there any victim of the flash floods?

Deky : Yes. About eighty nine people ... 

A. kill

B. to kill

C. killing

D. were killed

19.  Arrange the following words into a good sentence.

Prevent – should – trees – be – landslides – many – 

      1     2            3       4             5               6

to –planted

7         8

A. 6-3-2-4-8-7-1-5

B. 7-1-5-2-4-8-3-6

C. 6-3-7-1-5-4-8-2

D. 7-8-3-2-4-6-1-5

Text for No. 20 - 22

The anaconda is the largest snake in the world. Also known as the Water Boa, this giant, meater lives in swampy areas of tropical South America. It spends a lot of time in shallow water, hidden from unsuspecting prey. Anacondas are related to boa constrictors. They give birth to 20 to 40 baby snakes at one time. Like all snakes, anacondas are cold-blooded; they have the same temperature as the environment. They continue to grow all their lives, getting bigger and bigger each year. The longest anaconda ever found was 11.4 m long, there are probably even bigger anacondas that have not been seen. Anacondas are greenish-brown with a double row of black oval spots on the back and smaller white markings on the sides.

20.  Where does an anaconda live?

A. in the water

B. in the lake 

C. in swampy areas

D. in shallow water

21.  How many baby snakes of Anaconda when they give birth?

A. around twenty

B. around forty

C. twenty to forty

D. more than forty

22.  From the text we know that ….

A. the largest snake in the world is Anaconda

B. Anocondaspends a lot of time in deep water

C. the longest anaconda ever found more than 11.4 

     metres long.

D. Anacondas are cold-blooded; they have the

     different temperature as the environment.

Text for number 23-26


We provide a new breakthrough and innovation in fast food world which me made for you.

Big Bun Burger Guarantees will not make your stomach and your bag is damaged because of Big Bun Burger made from organic ingredients fried in edible oil quality.

Materials Big Bun Burger:

  • Organic meat
  • Organic vegetables
  • All the ingredients served without preservatives.

There are also available so many flavors like:

Barbeque flavor, Bread Burger Single, Vegetarian Burger, Spicy sauce, Burger Double Bread, Triple Meat Burger and Burger Extra-large.

We open every day at 13:00 pm.

Come with your family or your friends !!!

Big Bun Burger Factory. Jl. Ampera 22, Palembang

Phone: 082234567777

23.  The purpose of the above text is ...

A. totell the reader how to buy the product

B. to describe the composition of the product

C. to persuade people to consume the product

D. to promote the reader the benefit of the product

24.  What is the information about? It is about a …

A. Meal

B. Beverage

C. Restaurant

D. Food stall

25.  The correct statement based on the advertisement is

A. Big Bun Burger’s ingredients served with 


B. The materials of Big Bun Burger are organic

C. Customers can buy Big Bun Burger in the morning

D.  Big Bun Burger is kind of traditional food made from organic ingredients

26.  How many flavours does Big Bun Burger offer?

A. five

B. six

C. seven

D. ten

Text  for number 27-28

Mother, how are you today?
Here is a note from your daughter
With me everything is ok
Mother, how are you today?
Mother, don't worry, I'm fine
Promise to see you this summer
This time there will be no delay
Mother, how are you today?


I found the man of my dreams

Next time you will get to know him

Many things happened while I was away...

27.  The implicit meaning of the lyrics of song above ...

A. A daughter who wants to go home

B. A news from a daughter who wants to marry

C. A mother who misses to her daughter

D. A daughter asked for her mother's news and tell

everything that happened when she left.

28.  The true statement based on the lyrics of song is...

A. A daughter will go home in winter

B. The condition of her daughter is fine

C. A daughter gave news by phone

D. A daughter found her best friend

Text  for number 29-31

Siwak F Herbal

Whitens your teeth, maintaining tooth strength, healthy teeth and mouth, protecting tooth enamel, preventing the plague and tartar, maintaining fresh breath


Clove Oil, Areca Catechu Seed Extract, Uncaria Gambir Extract, Piper Betle (leaf) Extract, Salvadora Persica Powder

  Available in pharmacies and departement store

29.  The advertisement tell about...

A. mouth wash

B. toothpaste

C. dental clinic

D. face wash

30.  Siwak F Herbal consist of ...

A. six herbs 

B. organic plants

C. artificial plants

D. natural vegetables and fruits

31.  Avaibable pharmacies and departement store. The similar meaning of pharmacies ...

A. dispensary

B. greengrocery

C. toyshop

D. playstore

The text for No. 32-33

  Once day, a happy monkey danced at gatherings of animals, and they are all very pleased with his performance that they elected him as their king.

  A fox, envying him the honor, discovered a piece of meat lying a trap, and leading the Monkey to the spot, said that he had found a shop in the woods, but don’t use it, he had been saving for him as treasure trove of his kingdom, and counseled him to seize it.

  The monkey approached carelessly and was caught in a trap, and on his accusing the fox deliberately took him into a trap, he replied, “Oh monkey, and you, with your mind like you, will be the king of animals?

32.  What is the purpose of the story?

A. to tell the story about the monkey and the fox

B. to describe a king of animals

C. to amuse the reader or listener

D. to explain how the monkey was caught

33.  What is the main topic of the text?

A. An envy fox

B. A clever monkey

C. A monkey and a fox

D. A dull monkey who wanted to be a king

34.  Arrange the following words into a good sentence.

Accidents – are – drivers – traffic – caused – many

        1       2       3          4            5  6

 – careless – by

        7         8

A. 4-3-5-6-1-2-8-7

B. 6-3-2-5-8-1-7-4

C. 6-4-1-2-5-8-7-3

D. 7-8-3-5-6-1-2-4

35.  Ulfa : Tasa, ...?

Tasa : Oh, Ulfa. I’m making steamed sponge cakes. 

           I just learnt how to do it in my course.

A. what do you do

B. what are you doing

C. where are you now

D. are you making something

36.  Aan : Hi, we‘re going to have Math test next

          Tuesday. I’m sure I won’t get a good score.

Tyo: ... You will be fine. The material now is easier 

         than the previous one.

A. Don’t worry

B. I am afraid

C. Nothing special

D. You are right

37.  Putri : What did you do last weekend?

Fitri  : ...

A. I will visit my grandma

B. I visited my grandma

C. I have to visit my grandma

D. I am going to visit my grandma

Complete text for No. 38 - 40

An animal nursery is a kind of job. People who work as animal nursery workers work in zoos, kennels, animal shelters, and circuses. They are responsible (38) ...  feeding, watering, cleaning, bathing and exercising animals. They care for animals' health by disinfecting them and keeping (39) ... cage clean. They keep records of treatments that the animals (40) ... from the veterinarian, an


38.  A. In

B. By

C. For

D. With

39.  A. a

B. the 

C. their

D. them

40.  A. receive

B. receiving

C. received

D. have received

Text  for number 41 - 43

Flooding is a natural phenomenon that is common in a region that is fed by many streams. The volume of water flowing on the surface of the earth is predominantly determined by the rate of rainfall, and the rate of water infiltration into the soil. Rainwater reached the earth’s surface and flows on the surface of the aarth, moving towards the sea to form the ravines. Ravines have started in the area of the highest in a region, can be mountainous terrain, mountains or hills, and ended up on the beach when the water flows into the sea. Flooding can also occur in rivers, when flow exceeds the capacity of the drains, especially in the gutter of the river.

There are two types of impact of flood. The first is the physical damage. Flood can damage various types of structures, including bridges, cars, buildings, sewer systems, highways, and cannal. The second is water supplies that flood may contaminate the water. Clean drinking water is scarce. Next, flood causes disease. It is unsanitary conditions. The flood may spread water-borne diseases. Then, flood causes scarcity of agricultural produce that is caused by crop failures. However, lowlands near rivers depend on the stream sediment due to flooding in order to increase local soil minerals. Then, flood may cause the scarcity of species that can not afford to die because they can not breathe. After that, flood may cause transportation link broken so that it is difficult to send emergency aid to people in need. While the long term of impact of flood is the economic difficulties. The flooding settlements cause damages; in the tourism sector, declining interest of tourists; the cost of rebuilding; food shortages leading to higher prices, etc.

Meanwhile, floods also can bring many benefits, such as replenishing groundwater, nourish and provide nutrients to the soil. The flood waters provide enough water in the dry and semi-dry erratic rainfall throughout the year. The flood waters bargaining plays an important role in balancing the ecosystem in the river corridor and a major factor in balancing the diversity of living things on the plains. Flood adds a lot of nutrients to lakes and rivers which are increasingly promoting the fishing industry in the coming years.

41.  What is the purpose of the text above?

A. to entertain the reader

B. to describe events when flood occurs 

C. to retell the story about flood

D. to present information about something

42.  What does the text tell about?

A. Flood

B. Natural Phenomenon

C. Types of flood

D. The benefit of flood

43.  What is the main topic of second paragraph?

A. a natural phenomenon is one region

B. two kinds of effect of flood

C. the disadvantage of flood

D. the profit of flood

44.  Which statement is NOT TRUE according to the text?

A. the damage of building is the physical damage caused of flood

B. the effects of flood are the physical damage and water supplies

C. the flood can cause some diseases

D. there are no advantage of flood

Complete text for No. 45 – 46

A tsunami is a natural disaster caused by rising sea waves to the mainland at high speeds due to the earthquake centered under the sea. The quake could have been caused (45) ...  soil erosion, the plates were shifting, volcanic eruptions and who experienced meteor that crashed in the ocean. This usually happens when (46) ... tsunami earthquakes exceeding magnitude 7 on the Richter scale. Tsunami is quite dangerous, especially for those who live in beach area.  It will sweep everything in its path with great power. 

45.  A. by

B. of

C. for

D. with

46.  A. a

B. the

C. that 

D. those

47.  We can see many beautiful plants in this garden, they ...... by diligent gardeners here few years ago.. 

A. plant

B. planted

C. are planted

D. were planted

Text  for number 48 - 49

  Yogurt is one of the oldest and most popular fermented drinks. The word yogurt comes from Turkey and refers to tart, thick milk. Yogurt doesn’t have one single origin. However, you can find yogurt in nearly every culture that kept animals for milk.

  To make regular yogurt is strained extensively to remove liquid whey and lactose, leaving behind a thicker-textured yogurt. To process for making yogurt starts off : milk is first heated, then cooled to desired fermentation temperature (106-114°F) before bacterial cultures are added. The mixture is then left to ferment until the bacterial grows,  produces lactid acid, and gels the milk proteins to produce yogurt.

48.  Yogurt is well known as ...

A. fermented meal

B. fermented beverage

C. liquid whey and lactose 

D. milk proteins

49.  What is yogurt made of?

A. milk

B. cheese

C. protein

D. thick milk

50.  Rearrange these paragraphs into a good story 

a. “I know only one trick to get away from dogs,” said the cat. “You should teach me some of yours!” 

b. One day, a cat and a fox were having a    conversation. The fox, who was a conceited creature, boasted about how clever she was. “Why, I know at least a hundred tricks to get away from our mutual enemies, the dogs,” she said.

c. “Well, maybe someday, when I have the time, I may teach you a few of the simpler ones,” replied the fox airily. 

d. The fox sat silently under the tree, wondering which trick she should use. Before she could make up her mind, the dogs arrived. They fell upon the fox and tore her to pieces.

e.  Just then they heard the barking of a pack of dogs in the distance. The barking grew louder and louder. The dogs were coming in their direction! At once, the cat ran to the nearest tree and climbed into its branches, well out of reach of any dog. “This is the trick I told you about, the only one I know,” said the cat. “Which one of your hundred tricks are you going to use?” 

A. b-c-a-d-e

B. c-b-a-e-d

C. b-a-c-e-d

D. d-b-c-a-e

















































































































untuk melihat kunci jawaban silahkan di blok pada tabel di atas.

Demikian yang dapat mimin sampaikan, mimin berharap kepada pembaca untuk memberikan masukan guna perbaikan di postingan selanjutnya.

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